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Weddings in Poland

Weddings in Poland, a country at the heart of Europe where east and west meet, are an important family celebration. A key tradition at a Polish wedding reception is the presentation of salted bread and a cup of wine by the parents of the bride and groom. As the newly married couple, you will eat the bread and drink the wine.
The bread symbolizes the hope of your parents that you will never be in need. The salt represents that life may not always be easy, but that you must learn to cope with troubles that come your way, and the wine is offered in the hope that you will never be thirsty and have a life of happiness with many friends.
Poland is a country where historic towns and villages dot a picturesque landscape. The capital, Warsaw, is divided in half by the Vistula river. Mostly postwar in appearance, the city does have some historic sites, which have been restored with meticulous care.
Poland's second city, Krakow, is where most of the country's historic sites are concentrated. The royal capital for 500 years, Krakow was virtually untouched by the second world war, and has a fascinating variety of architecture. There are many museums and churches to visit, some dating back as far as the tenth century.
Poland's only alpine range is the Tatras, a region which offers numerous opportunities for walks and treks. Many traditional villages are scattered amongst the towering mountains, at the foot of which lie glacial lakes. Another popular region of Poland is the Great Masurian lakes area, ideal for yachting and boating. This part of the country is well suited to being explored on bicycle.
However you choose to experience Poland, your wedding here will be a day never to forget.

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