martedì 9 giugno 2009



The groom dresses cost from 600-800000 to 2,000,000 or more, depending on your choice. The fluctuation of the price is depending on the fabric quality and brand, of course. The dress sold for more Pignatelli costs around 2,000,000 is in wool and silk, single-jacket with a shawl collar, embroidered waistcoat, ascot tie and shirt diplomacy. The Board. For him there is an advantage: the suit he can wear for the rest of life, for ceremonies or times that require an elegant dress.

The things that bring good

Tradition dictates that the bride brings with it the day of marriage 6 things:
- One thing taken: to indicate the 'affection of loved ones who remain close to this transition from old to new.
- What a gift: to remind the good people care.
- Something blue: the blue color in ancient times was the color that symbolized purity and was the color of the 'dress of the bride.
- An old thing: that symbolizes the life that is left behind and the importance of the past that must not be forgotten in the transition to the new.
- A new thing: that symbolizes the new life about to start, shows all the new achievements and innovations that will bring with it.

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