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The ceremony usually takes place during a mass wedding, not without its exciting moments, and evocative, among them, you can certainly indicate the basic steps:

• Renewal of baptismal promises: the spouses respond to questions posed by their priest, questions that reflect those places during the sacraments of baptism, communion and confirmation;

• Liturgy of marriage: the priest asks the solemn consent to the wedding, the bride and groom, then, read in turn (before him, then you), the new formula: "I like you I take my / or wife / o ...";

• Blessing and exchange of wedding rings, the priest blesses faiths wedding and the wedding if the exchange saying the traditional formula: "Receive this ring as a sign of my love and my loyalty ...." At this point, the groom, donned for the first all'anulare left the faith of the bride, and then it's up to you repeat the same gesture;

• Blessing of the spouses and applause: the priest intones a prayer for the new family just formed and, according to a habit imported from the United States and consolidatasi now also in our country, generally invites those present to devote applause as a sign of joy and joy for the union occurred, which has the hidden meaning of good wishes and prosperity for the new pair united and consecrated forever in the name of the Lord;
• The Sacred Literature: Other very significant moment of nuptial celebration is dedicated to the Sacred liturgical readings, to be agreed in advance with the celebrant selection of songs from the Bible and the Gospel. Among the most striking, above all remember the beautiful prayer dedicated by St. Francis of Assisi to love for life and nature that is born and that lovingly surrounds us, making all living beings equally worthy of love and respect, in because they are essential in achieving the perfect balance of the natural "the Song of Songs," beautiful song that spouses can read a few entries to make it even more impressive, or even the First Epistle of St. John the Apostle, entitled emblematic "God is love"; lovely and the choice that falls its reading of similar composition of the Gospel according to Matthew, entitled: "What God has joined together let no man (dares) to separate ..".

The exit from the Church:

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds nouveau, accompanied by their witnesses, they withdraw with the priest to sign the register. Meanwhile guests can move towards the exit to reach, in an orderly and above all fair, the church where the couple will wait or can expect the bride and groom and train the wedding procession in output and in the latter case, of course, l 'Order will follow the same entry in the church, but this time, the mother of him, accompanied by her father.

First to greet the newlyweds, it sometimes occurs that the priest gives them a booklet with the date and place of celebration and many blank pages that the new pair will fill indicating, perhaps, the names of the children who come and, remembering that the new family that the main purpose of religious, it remains primarily that of "procreation".

Then, without taking into account the chosen invited to the exit, neomarito presents the bride his right arm and, together, start slowly toward the exit. On the churchyard of the Church, at the time of the spouses, relatives and friends will classic and auspicious launch of rice, later, follow the group photo in neo-classical style.
Finally, the bride and groom greet guests who bring their eager to porger thanking the usual congratulations, and those who do not participate personally in the wedding reception.

The moment certainly more captivating than the wedding ceremony is the exchange of promises of marriage. Here are the words that enshrine the union of the two spouses nouveau "Andrew and Maria."

Dear Andrew and Mary, have come together in the Father's house because your love to receive his seal and its consecration in front of the minister of the Church and in front of the community.
You are already consecrated by baptism now Christ blesses you and strengthens you with the wedding sacrament, because you love one another with love
faithful and inexhaustible responsibility and duties of marriage. So I ask you to express in front of the Church of your intentions.

Andrew and Mary, you have come to contract matrimony with full freedom, without coercion, fully aware of the significance of your decision?

You are willing, the new way of marriage, to love and honor each other for life?

You are willing to accept responsibly with the children who love God will give and bring under the law of Christ and his Church?

Therefore, if your intention is to join in marriage, datevi his right hand and express before God and his Church your consent.

I, Andrew, take you, Mary, as my wife and I promise you are always faithful, in joy and in sorrow, in health and disease, and to love and honor all the days of my life.

I, Maria, I take you, Andrew, as my husband and I promise you are always faithful, in joy and in sorrow, in health and disease, and to love and honor all the days of my life.

O Lord, sanctifies the love of these spouses: leading the ring as a symbol of loyalty to continually call them mutual love.
For Christ our Lord.

Mary, get this ring, a sign of my love and my fidelity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Andrea, get this ring, a sign of my love and my fidelity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

With the celebration of the sacrament of marriage, spouses Christians
part of the alliance spousal
Christ with the Church and receive the grace to live and manifest in their relationship as a couple and
family life. This is a celebration
which implements a saving event.
That is why the Church has turned to the Sacrament of Marriage constant attention and caring.

The marital union is a universal value of humanity,
is the foundation of the family, original cell of society,
and connects intimately to the mystery of life itself.
Stems from the will of God the Creator and his receives blessing and holiness.
Jesus Christ for its part has high Marriage in the sacrament; has a real symbol that contains
and expresses its union with the Church, The new alliance. The Lord crucified and risen,
Having entered the Church believers in the body Baptism with them also sanctifies
as a couple; communicate to spouses the Holy Spirit to enable them to love one another with love donation that is a reflection of his sacrifice Easter and the Trinitarian communion.
Rite in adaptation of the peculiarity Marriage is the Christian been put out by offering a choice
more extensive texts and giving directions because the inclusion in the Eucharistic celebration face shine in the fullness of its meaning Easter size of the "great mystery"

The couple and the family, by virtue of the sacrament, they become living image of the mystery of
Church and part of his fertility.
Through the testimony of a self-giving love, faithful, indissoluble and fruitful,
receive and transmit a unique and irreplaceable gift of salvation that comes from Christ.
The nature of the Church's celebration Marriage is the obvious especially in some moments of the ritual. In Rites of entry is the Church gathering in the Lord hosting the wedding: the greeting of him
who chairs the introduction and help from the outset to prevent the celebration to take a private nature. Marriage is not about only spouses, relatives and friends, but requires
the participation of the whole Church.
The memory of baptism, placed immediately after the greeting, highlight the theological basis of
the consensus element the sacrament. Under the baptismal priesthood
spouses participating in the mystery of Easter and work an ecclesial act properly.
The consent of the spouses is the answer in a word of love, as coming from God before them.

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