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The Marriage

Marriage: a rational or emotional?
After a few years, in which the marriage seemed a celebration forgotten, today the young people seem to rediscover the taste of a union official. The basis of change, the search for stability, combined with the desire to build something solid, in an era of few certainties.


What is the true meaning of marriage? Finding a definition of the word marriage and its meaning is a difficult task. Each nation is characterized by different cultural traditions in this rite. The purpose of this module is to explore the different meanings that in European countries are attributed to this practice universal (or almost) and the divorce.



How many married people do you know? What is their opinion about marriage? They seem happy, your eyes?

Exercise 1 –The different conceptions of marriage
1) In your country you can get married only civilly? If so, the marriage is officially recognized?
2) The state must accept the marriage as a religious equivalent of the civilian?
3) How the marriage has religious influence on the choice to divorce?
4) What are considered as / i in the civil society / the unmarried or / the divorced? And there is difference between women and men?

Try to express your own idea of marriage in one or two sentences, and write

Exercise 2 –Definitions
Which do you prefer?

1) Marriage is usually defined as the legitimacy of the union of a man and a woman. "Legitimate" means the acceptance of a type of law of nature, religious or civil, while the term "husband and wife" means that both have the right to sexual relations, to a life together and lasting union. This definition is so vague as to include therein the definition of polygamy, where the country in question permit.

2) In most cultures marriage is a bond between a man and a woman in order to form a family. The marriage may be civil or religious. In the Western world marriage is generally understood as the union of two people (husband and wife), while others are more diffuse forms of polygamous marriage, as the Poliginia, or a man who is married to take several wives at once, or its opposite, Poliandria, in which a woman has several husbands. In some countries (mainly Western) are allowed, but not criticized, even marriages between two persons of the same sex.

3) E 'the intimacy between two people that defines marriage, not a document issued by the state.

You think like?

Exercise 3.
Join the types of marriage with the definitions right

Type of marriage

1) Open Marriage
a). It 'an expression used to describe a marriage due to pregnancy is not planned

2) Monogamy
b) A woman who is kidnapped and raped by a man is then seen as his wife.
3) Polygamy c). When both partners agree on having extramarital relations
4) Arranged marriage
d). Only one husband and several wives at once

5) Marriage repairer e). A couple that includes a husband and a wife

6) Marriage for kidnapping
f) When the spouses are chosen by others.

You come to mind other types of marriages?
As marriage or union, is considered a taboo in your society?

Exercise 4
Some cultures still practice traditional marriage by abduction, a type of forced marriage in which a woman who is kidnapped by a man is then seen as his wife. Abduction for marriage is practiced only in a limited number of countries and is generally considered unacceptable by other cultures. One example is the famous Rape of the Sabine, to which the first inhabitants of Rome, read the story:
Rape of the Sabine
"He came a lot of people, including the desire to see the new city, and especially those who lived closer .. The Sabines were complete, with lots of children and spouses. Ospitalità invited into the home, after seeing the location of the city, the fortified walls and the large amount of housing, it astonished the speed with which Rome was growing. When the time came for the show and everyone was concentrated on the games, then, as agreed, a riot broke out and the young Roman, a clear signal, he began to run all'impazzata to kidnap the girls. Many ended up in the hands of the first they encounter: those that stand out over the other for beauty, for the most distinguished senators, were dragged from their homes plebeian which had been entrusted with this task. It is said that one of them, pretty much all the others, was kidnapped by a group of Talaso and because many were trying to know where they ever were leading, shouted several times that led to Talaso why no one put hands on him. Hence our cry wedding. Finished the show in terror, the parents of young girls fleeing broken, accusing them of violating the pact of hospitality and invoking the god in whose honor had come to see the ritual and solemn games, victims of excessive faith in the divine law. Women abducted, on the other hand, had no expectations about whether more or less the same indignation. But Romulus himself moved among them and informing them that the thing had happened to the arrogance of their fathers who had refused to close the possibility of contracting marriage, the women, however, would become their wives, would have shared all their goods, and their homeland, which is nothing more dear to human beings, children. Now therefore restrain anger and trust my heart to those who fate had already given their body. Often to the resentment of an affront to the following harmony. And they had the better of husbands as each of his par would have tried, doing their duty, to remove the ignorance of parents and home. All this is then added to the attention of the husbands (who justified it with the transport of passion), that attention is the most effective weapon against the character of women. "(Titus Livius, Ab Urbe condita libri, lib. I, paragraph 9)

Exercise 5

1) I already knew the story of the rape of the Sabine?
2) Knowing the form of kidnapping for Marriage?
3) What do you think?

Differences in Europe: A marriage with a religious rite

In Europe there are many forms of marriage. In most countries the marriage with a religious rite is preferable to civil union. Look at the data in the table.
Malta 96,2
Polonia 94,7
Grecia 89,6
Lituania 88,8
Portogallo 88,7
Estonia 65.0
Danimarca 63.0
Svezia 62,4
Olanda 45,8
Repubblica Ceca 40,3
Media europea 73,6


Exercise 6
Believe that it is important to marry a religious rite?

Differences in Europe: The values
A marriage that works is a building which is rebuilt every day. (Andre Maurois, French writer, 1885 - 1967)

The European countries also differ on the definition of marriage happy. For example:

Table 1: Percentage of people who believe that the secret to a happy marriage is honesty.

Estonia 61.5 2.6
Lituania 64.5 2.4
Repubblica Ceca 73.3 1.4
Spagna 79.5 1.3
Francia 80.2 2.8
Slovacchia 80.8 1.9
Gran Bretagna 89.6 0.9
Malta 97.1 0.5

Table 2: Percentage of people who believe that the secret to a happy marriage is the money

Danimarca 4.9 59.1
Finlandia 16.7 25.3
Olanda 24.5 22.4
Estonia 28.7 12.0
Francia 35.8 16.0
Irlanda 45.3 11.2
Ungheria 58.2 6.8
Grecia 70.3 4.1

Table 3: Percentage of people who believe that the secret to a happy marriage is to share the same political ideals.
Danimarca 1.7 84.5
Finlandia 4.2 76.5
Portogallo 9.1 62.1
Germania 10.1 53.0
Spagna 10.3 64.6
Polonia 13.1 53.1
Grecia 22.9 48.9
Malta 24.6 39.8

Exercise 7
You think like?

1) Which of the three values considered most important?
2) Have you ever talked to your parents or grandparents of the secret to happy marriage? What is their opinion about it? Is there really a recipe for happiness as a couple?

Exercise 8
You think like?

Differences in Europe: The Marriage

People often have different opinions, especially on issues such as marriage. Sometimes spouses do not remember anything of their marriage. Some cry and is moved, others still can not speak for the emotion. That is why it is important to prepare themselves psychologically before the ceremony.

1. Greek marriage in Cyprus is a real "business of state", which is always an abundance of wine, food and traditional dances. Beat his hands, beat their feet on the ground, the men dance with each other and women are the same. Each dance is a representation of a fairy tale. At midnight the bride and groom can dance finally surrounded by friends and family who stick to their clothes for money as a sign of hope.

2nd In the UK it is tradition to wear "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue."

3rd In Sweden, the mother of the bride gives his daughter a gold coin to be put in his right shoe, while her father will give you a silver coin on the left shoe.

4th "... In Romania, many women enjoy discussing the details of your marriage (or friends) with people who do not know well. Sometimes you may also see the video of their wedding. Furthermore it seems that Romania is full of shops specializing in weddings. "(Reported by a Polish woman in Romania)

5th In Lisbon on 13 June of each year on the day of St. Anthony (Dia do Santo Antonio) the town and the Church of St. Anthony are celebrating the wedding of 16 couples simultaneously. Getting married on the day of the saint in the church which houses his tomb, is considered to bring great luck and joy and a special blessing. Being chosen is considered a great honor. St. Anthony is the patron saint of children.

Exercise 9
You think like?

• What is the reason for having to stick the money on clothes of the bride and groom?
• Why the UK is customary to wear "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue"? (Help: Something old is usually a family jewel and something blue in the past indicated purity and fidelity)
• Can you deduce the meaning of the traditions of marriage in Sweden?
• Why the marriage in Romania is something so common? Even in your country if they talk a lot?
• In Portugal, the marriage and religion form an inseparable pair. In your culture?


Exercise 10

Now we try to understand the views of people. For more information ask the members of your family or friends married the following questions. (Add some questions that you feel is important)

• What is the formula traditionally used by married couples?
• What are the elements of particular importance for a wedding?
• How is the ceremony?
• Who should be present at the ceremony?

Exercise 11
D1 Marriage is an antiquated tradition?

1: Absolutely
agree 2: I agree
3: Do not know
4: Are not
agree 5: Absolutely
not agree

D2 Honesty is fundamental to the success of a marriage?

1: Absolutely
agree 2: I agree
3: Do not know 4 Are not
agree 5: Absolutely
not agree

D3 Marriage is a life?

1: Absolutely
agree 2: : I agree 3: Do not know 4: Are not
agree 5: Absolutely
not agree

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