martedì 9 giugno 2009

Weddings in Eastern Europe

A wedding in Eastern Europe is an important celebration amongst friends and family, where ancient marriage traditions are combined with modern customs such as flowers and a white wedding dress for the bride. Traditional music is often part of the festivities, as is dancing and a feast of delicious Eastern European food.
Some Eastern European countries, such as Greece and Croatia, incorporate the tradition of the money dance into wedding receptions. Men will pin money to the bride's gown to earn the privilege of a dance with her.
Eastern Europe is a region where European culture is blended with influences from neighboring Middle Eastern countries. This results in a fascinating cultural mix which influences all aspects of life, from cuisine to local handcrafts. There is a huge amount of history to be discovered, from the ancient architecture of Cyprus and Poland to the historic ruined cities in Greece and Croatia.
The diverse scenery of this part of the world includes some stunning mountain vistas and lovely beaches along the coast. Archipelagos of beautiful romantic islands lie just off the coasts of Croatia and Greece. There are countless picturesque towns and villages to discover, alongside some lively and historic cities. These include Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, medieval Zagreb in Croatia and Athens in Greece, one of the oldest cities in the world.
This is a unique and historic part of the world, with an immense amount of scenery to admire. A wedding in Eastern Europe will be special, unusual and romantic, an experience never to forget.

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