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Weddings in Crete

A wedding in Crete is a big celebration. The bride will arrive at the church accompanied by the groom, family and friends. There will also be musicians playing traditional Cretan instruments such as the lyra and the laouto, reciting poetic mantinades.
After the wedding ceremony the festivities begin in earnest with much more Cretan music and celebrations which continue into the early hours! A traditional delicacy offered at Cretan weddings is Baklavas. These are layered and shaped filo pastry, filled with nuts and spices and dipped in light honey syrup. Endless varieties of this sweet make a delicious and unusual accompaniment to your wedding celebrations.
Crete is a picturesque island with lovely beaches and a very mild climate which makes swimming in the sea possible from April to November. It is a land with an ancient history, home to the earliest European civilization, the Minoan. Some fascinating sites remain from this period. The most magnificent Minoan site is the palace of Knossos, situated just outside Iraklio, the largest city in Crete. You will also find Roman ruins at Gortys, Venetian forts at Réthimno and Byzantine churches at Krítsa, illustrating the lively past of the island.
The mountainous interior of Crete is a very scenic region where many remote villages are nestled. To the southwest of the country tower the stunning White Mountains, with the 18 kilometer long Samarian Gorge just below. You may choose to spend a day trekking along the gorge, admiring the amazing view.
A wedding in Crete is the chance to celebrate the most romantic day of your life on a beautiful and historic island - an unforgettable experience.

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