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The civil marriage of Italy

Civil marriage is, by definition, the celebration automatically guarantee that all legal and administrative effects. It is how the marriage choice by those who do not want the religious celebration. The civil marriage requires a series of preliminary formalities that have the purpose of ascertaining the actual state of freedom from the constraints of previous marriages and awareness, both from those involved, you want to enter into marriage without any coercion or blackmail.
The practice for the civil marriage requires both partners to travel at least two to three months before the oath at the Civil Status Office of the City of residence of one of the two to sign a formal request for "publications". We must bring with it the birth certificate, the certificate of residence, citizenship and free.
If one of the two contractors is divorced, should be added to the list also the decree of divorce, but if you are widowed you must submit a copy of the death of a spouse. In the case of civil marriage between minors, a copy of the decree authentic eligibility for marriage issued by a court for minors, and for a foreigner need the capacity marriage certificate issued by the Consulate or Embassy responsible. If this certificate is not complete in its entirety, it is also the birth model in multilingual or translated from the consulate.
Following that request, the responsible municipal prepare all materials received and then personally contact prospective spouses in order to fix the date of civil marriage. They are so exposed, for eight days, publications with the complete identity of prospective spouses and the place of celebration of civil marriage. Publication goal is to make known to all the intention of the engaged to marry so that anyone may have reason to oppose, where there are impediments to which they are aware or other serious reasons specified by law.

After four days after the end of publications, the Journal of Marital Status, if you have not received any opposition on the couple, issuing the "clearance" to marriage, which declares that the celebration did not stop the civil effects. The two engaged at this point, can celebrate their civil marriage within 180 days of the expiry of the publication, on pain of revocation of validity of documents.

The marriage in City Hall, is normally celebrated on time office of the municipality, from Monday to Saturday morning.
Civil marriage is apparently less formal than religious, but still imposes certain rules of form and good taste that should be respected. Elegance, sobriety and simplicity should connote the conduct of civil marriage which does not allow any delay on the part of spouses, since the same day many marriages are celebrated.

As for the religious ceremony, the bride enters the arm of her father, then the guests will accommodate according to tradition: parents, friends and relatives of the bridegroom to the right, left those of the bride.
the rite of marriage is pretty short, by the fifteen minutes and the winds expected reading some articles of the Civil Code by the Institute's status. These, in detail, are:

Article 143 mutual rights and obligations of married couples with marriage the husband and wife acquire the same rights and assume the same duties. Since marriage comes the obligation to mutual fidelity, moral and material assistance, cooperation in the family and cohabitation. Both spouses are required, each in relation to its substance and its capacity for professional work or home, contributing to the needs of the family.

Article 144, address family life and the family residence Spouses agree among them the address of family life and set the residence of the family according to the needs of both those key and the family itself. Each spouse has the power to implement the agreed address.

Article 147 Duties towards children Marriage requires both spouses must bring up and educate their children taking into account the ability and inclination of natural aspirations of children.
These articles are read to the end of classical religious ceremony, with the only difference being that, to declaim, is the officiating priest.

After receiving the declaration by the spouses of wanting to take as my husband and wife, is the exchange of rings, the signing of the registers and, in conclusion, a brief greeting speech from those who officiated the ceremony.
E 'practice that the civil ceremony is held at the headquarters of one two municipalities in which they reside pledged spouses. Some municipalities offer, for the celebration of civil marriages, even charming environments, such as availability of historical buildings in the city.
Where the wedding will be celebrated in a commune other than membership, send to the municipality of residence a written request, which explained the reasons for choosing to celebrate the marriage in another town. The office of the municipality will deliver a letter to spouses of delegation, due in town chosen for the celebration of marriage.

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