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Bomboniere marriage

A symbol for those invited, to thank and honor to welcome the event, is the bomboniera marriage.
The bomboniera, whose name derives from the French "bon-bon" (sweet), was born in Italy in the late fifteenth century by the use of noble always carry the caskets store where sweets and candy sugar, imported substance from Indie and, in economic terms, very expensive. The less wealthy will be satisfied with bags of paper and cloth. E 'in 1896, the marriage between Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples and future king of Italy, and Elena of Montenegro, which became the subject of bomboniera gift of the spouses invited to, just like today.
The bomboniere marriage are not only part of the Italian tradition. Other countries such as Greece, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, the United States, Africa and even 'Australia is increasingly closer to this culture.

The choice of bomboniere marriage lies with both boyfriends. Order at least three months before the date, the number of bomboniere of marriage should be equal to the number of calls distributed, plus a small reserve for any unexpected.
Today more than ever is wide variety on the market. You can entertain in the search for an object that is customized or particularly unusual. The traditional wedding bomboniere by resisting the strong current of news: silver, crystal Swarosvki, Murano glass, porcelain of Limoges. To this list, add candles and crafts, culinary items and lottery tickets that, for the occasion, become original cadeaux. Still, useful items including watches, glasses, ashtrays, vases.
The important thing is that gifts are sober and tasteful.
Even donations and gestures of generosity are part of the catalog of bomboniere marriage. Scrolls and letters of thanks from the entity which has benefited from this gesture, will come into the hands of guests.
To pack of bomboniere from marriage, preferring better tone similar to those in the bouquet and all'abito of the bride, or bags of lace, silk or net closed with a wisp of raffia.
Usually, the relatives and friends who attended the reception, reserve bomboniere the same series and the same style. According to witnesses, who have an important role during the civil ceremony and / or religious, will give bomboniere more valuable, while people who participated in the joy of the couple with a gift or a telegram, give bags of tulle embroidered with flowers for decorations in cloth.
There is a right time for the delivery of bomboniere marriage. More and more couples choose to make this gift to the guests at the end of the day with the latest greetings. The rule is that if they deliver one per household and a head for engaged couples.

The confetti is a natural complement in the composition of the bomboniera marriage. This tradition dates back to Roman times, consume the usual confetti packed with honey to celebrate births and unions. Historical traces are found in a News of Boccaccio and a sonnet of Folgore St. Giminiano composed in the fourteenth century.
The manufacture of confetti and most popular classic starts Sulmona in the fifteenth century.
Even today the city Abruzzo is among the largest producers of confetti.
Here, among other things, arose the Museum of art and technology confectioners, now a national monument. Regarding the right amount, typically is used to put confetti in every five bomboniera marriage, but is not required. The important thing is that the number remains odd. According to tradition, 5 confetti representing health, fertility, long life, happiness, wealth, 3 confetti symbolize the couple and their first child, 1 candy symbolizes the uniqueness of the event.
In any bomboniera is inserted, finally, a simple card with the name of baptism of the spouses, why the name, and date of the wedding.
What is silver, porcelain, ceramic or any other material, the bomboniera is the memory that the spouses leave at the end of the most beautiful day of their lives represent a significant gift that the bride and groom invited to offer as remembrance of the great day.
The tradition wants the classics made in crystal, silver, and especially limoges same for everyone, You can choose between: a portrait door, a small box, an ashtray, an object of practical use as a corkscrew, a small alarm clock, a small salt shaker, un'agendina, a teaspoon of sugar. For the materials entrusted to: pottery, porcelain, crystal, silver, but also materials such as synthetic resin, cork, wood. Any object can customize with their names or initials and date of marriage. Objects can also be different from each other to meet the tastes of each guest, provided they have the same value. Only for witnesses can provide a bomboniera more valuable.
The bomboniere will be wrapped all in the same way and combined in the same bag. The package must be particularly cared so content buying the item value and can show whoever receives as a surprise. Bearing in mind the color and style of the event, you can choose between boxes, colorful cards or single, raffia or strips of satin, decorative flowers.
Or you could use small pots with fragrant herbs to be placed on tables as places to leave marks to the guests. The bags must contain over five confetti that symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life even a small card with just names baptism of the spouses.

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