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Marriage in literature

Opera in fairy tale,
Le nozze di Figaro

There was once a barber named furbacchione of Figaro. What workshop held in Seville, and if passed at large, at the expense of nobles and wealthy bourgeois and did not have a master in the world. What has made you ask, after the wedding of Count Almaviva with the beautiful Rosina? Our Figaro had sold his freedom in exchange for a fixed salary It was placed at the service of the count and have followed in his magnificent castle.
Since then many years had passed el'ex barber thought it was time to finally put his head in place: in short, had decided to take his wife. And who better than the maid of Rosina woman could do on his case, if such a waitress was young, beautiful and full of spirit? Pure adopted his name grace and gracefulness: Susanna Susannetta or so to call it. The wedding was ready and not seeing sposi time, but there was a but.
As it happens, Mr. Count, who had not lost the habit of correr behind the gonnelle provided were young and pretty, had put their eyes on Susanna. It invented excuses to postpone the marriage, once one thing, once the other, so the head was him. But Figaro that under the livery remained the same old fox gliel'avrebbe made do with the lanternino Susanna, and meanwhile, slept with one eye only.
So far, we could also peace of mind, were it not that our hero had other enemies of the castle: Don Bartolo for example, an old, who had with him since the time of Seville, and not tell me that you ve lo so why not forget the story more; Don Bartolo, said, was well placed in the count's house and now plot against Figaro with the housekeeper Marcellina, a tipa no longer very young who would like to take the place of Susanna. Then there was Don Basilio, the music teacher, who was willing to take in four for anyone to show gratitude astounding and Susanna hum around the devil as a tempter: what are you to do this with you when you make poveraccio Mrs. girartene and carriage, and on like this every day the same sulfo that Susanna no longer.
On Don Bartolo and Don Basilio we all agree, you already know, but what is this story of Marcellina, where Costea Tick? All right, the tipa was an old servant of Don Bartolo who had followed the current adjusting well to her castle and was given a beautiful cleaned by making Furbo, a po 'here, a little' there, we understood, and the missing right to marry to become respectable and have good thought: Figaro to wrest a promise of marriage unless the ridava the money they had lent. The old Brava! Figaro, however, is not giving much thought, but you should.
Rosina And I wonder, what was, it was quiet? Alas, although you could still call it the beautiful Rosina, a few too many el'incostanza wrinkle of a husband used to prefer the novelty were the difference. In fact, while the count spent his days running from room to room with the intent to surprise alone Susanna, although she had her petty daffare to escape so on and so on, the poor countess was always in front of a mirror that is trying the clothes, put a path others, and changed wigs and posticci and if the husband had skipped the ticchio to enter his room. But what ever you did see once, when a party had to check the accounts.
Fortunately, that hold it on laps there was a tipetto not bad, the grandson of a gardener Cherubino name: monellaccio a first-class, but so graceful and beautiful that we could not you angry for more than a minute. Nothing but a page, but make it a great laugh, that you usually had to tear easily. Cherubino was during this happy when you wake up all the hormones and trigger a putiferio that you do not understand anything. The come out from under your bed, from behind the sofa, was head of a tent, if it was inside the chest in the midst of headphones and sottogonne; the frigate tapes only to draw, blessed, the scent: in short, a real elf , A pest that our boy countess had not the heart of sgridare, partly because they loved below under the naive gallantry.
Now that just happened on the day fixed for the wedding of Figaro and Susanna, the sire of the castle had to reluctantly agree, that day the lady countess was seized from her husband Mr in the middle of a remescio unclear. Cherubino's fault, want to say that you perform on the usual madness and he even jumped in mind to sing a song while Susanna ended comb. The trouble is that the count because of a blown Don Basilio that was not his business ever, for some time had begun to look at the page with suspicion and was not a genius that what was always there to hum around sottane his wife or worse, his dearest Susanna. So this morning already turned the wrong way for the wedding, having heard a vague sound guitar come from the rooms of the countess, decided unexpected lead. Fortunately knocked, which allowed the page to make a nice flight from the window that gave the garden and land happily on a pile of hay.
Although both the innocent look with round eyes, the count made more acute by jealousy had not escaped this remescio and narrow the noiosissima consort with a scene that the poverina taken as much manna, was almost a statement, then resolve to beat the until iron was hot. Thus the countess lady and her maid gracefulness, the count came out with their tails between their legs, they decided together to play one of those jokes to be healed forever, or at least for a while ', from his mania to do the chicken .
There was a note in which gallant Susanna would invite the mature suitor to a conference in the garden at night, that very night. It would be exchanged clothes and her mistress, so the count in the crucial moment would close in the arms not the desired girl, but his wife. Meanwhile Susanna in the shoes of the countess would menato for the nose of the fox Maritina expensive, given that men generally think much more clever of their wives.
Pity that many other clouds of a decidedly thunderstorms will thicken the young husband: Don Bartolo and Marcellina had chosen that day to break out the storm, waving under the eyes of the count's famous promise of marriage made by the old furbastra Figaro.
Almaviva not to be another blow to the barracks and the puppets: stop all these wedding s'hanno not be done. While Don Bartolo boasts hands ridacchiando and Comare Figaro had thrown on the fly on honey, guess po 'who arrived at that precise moment? But Susanna, it is natural that began immediately with ripping off the wig to the old attributing any sort of honorary title, among risatine the count and the high protests of poor Figaro.
In the midst of such pandemonium anyone would have lost at least the compass, but the barber was quite another pasta: My lords, a moment of silence said, have the goodness to listen to what I am going to tell you. It pulled out the trump that had in store for a situation like that, why not say that there was a man foresight: he found it impossible to pay the debt contracted with this Marcellina, was honored yes the commitment to marry her, but not now, in this circumstance requiring the consent of his noble relatives should first try. And with its intended his own him, Figaro, because my lords know that I am a child abducted by a parent masnadieri ranking, as shown by these documents and especially the tattoo you see here.
And he discovered his right arm, which had to pull a scream Marcellina and almost suffocated to death Don Bartolo from the tobacco that was flair, but this is our beloved son that the bandits have stolen! Son? You want me to believe that you are ... Your mother, and this is your father, "said the former pretender old who was already working the brain, Don Bartolo indicating that he wanted to dig a hole under the ground: this is my dear is the fruit of our old love, and Figaro indicated. I understood everything, did Don Bartolo, we double-and marriage is over.
After this spectacular dissolution leave you imagine these people, despite the smiles forced el'urbanità way, you eat the liver, and the beauty is that the poor still did not know what the joke is preparing for that night. While everyone congratulated the two spouses who had become four, Susanna they took advantage to slip into your pocket to count the fateful note, which read, he felt dissolve in the stomach a heavenly balm that instantly healed by the whole bile that had swallowed up to that point.
So was the night, one of those warm nights that encourage fans to take advantage of the soft moss of the brakes rather than just a feather bed. And in the castle park that night there were all our own heroes, young and old, slaves and masters, alone or in pairs, and everyone around looking for something, those who remember, who an illusion, without knowing who good thing. Don Basilio was pushed from a malignant curiosity, was the pageboy Cherubino that sniff the air filled with fragrances and followed the trail, there were two old parrucconi, Don Bartolo and Marcellina, who tried to relieve rheumatism and the spectrum of age; Figaro was trying everything merry that his Susanna ec'era Count ringalluzzito that tried him well. But above all there were the two women a fair with the other clothes.
Which was fatal in and turn everything around you were sooner or later clash, and was the first Cherubino who went on to beat Countess, Susanna namely, that it sent to that country with a shoo shoo peremptory and so little in the style of countess that the boy was somewhat perplexed on a tour himself tripped right on Susanna, that the countess, who eagerly followed all the steps of the other. Redarguito time with genteel sweetness Cherubino ended up not understand anything, resolving to himself that this was probably a game or a joke of women and that he then agreed to stay around.
It thread in a pagoda ready to jump out just what had made interesting. It does not take long to witness a scene really hot: Almaviva, that a judge had dall'odore have paid him a bottle of perfume, rushed on Susanna or who the hell was with the ardor of a young lover. The trouble is that not only was enjoying Cherubino, you say, the scene half hidden by a tree was completely Figaro and unable braised to deliver sound.
Fortunately, the real Susanna marked the close and hastened to seal the pitch: Come out of here soon, we cry together our unfortunate fate. And disguising the voice of el'andatura lady drag in a sort of shed gear that was found nearby.
It should just admit it, or read Susanna so bad that even a child or there would be cascading Figaro was so stracotto you would have recognized that a thousand; fact is that we noticed almost immediately, but thought well to stay silent and continue some farce 'for fun, some' to make them pay kiwigurl that had taken: secure lady, who never saw two unhappy people like us so unworthily betrayed, said with emphasis, and it is therefore necessary consular our hearts grieve for making it focaccia pan. And the clipping for life, causing an immediate reaction Susanna that made him turn his face the other side with a good slap. So I piaci Susannetta, shouted Figaro in seventh heaven, but now we make peace.
Arranged the nouveau happily married, who was the other two? E 'sure they were not ill and would have been even better had they been able to continue to delude ourselves, but sooner or later things go back to the place. Order had to be done before everything s'incasinasse again, and order for some time would last.
Were the servants with torches and the couple was surrounded, the light brightened the face of the countess who until then had illusions of being another, younger, more desired. The count is ashamed and fell at his feet, thinking that the error had him in rebuild the ancient enchantment.
Domandatevi if not the next day would have changed his mind: that night everything was in the right place, including Cherubino who came out from his hiding place after having seen and heard unspeakable things finally knew what until then had seemed confused and almost incomprehensible

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