martedì 2 giugno 2009

The Wedding

It is a ceremonial of the family like an act of the vital circle. This moment is very well prepared by varied education, depending on the sex of the children. The boys' entering the young's band, the girls' participation at the social, but the Romanian ring dance, too, mean the end of the matrimonial education namely the girls and boys are prepared for the wedding.
The favorable days for wooing engagement and wedding are Thursday and Sunday. The Romanian orthodox calendar bans the weddings in the four Big Posts: Lent, Advent, Saint Petru and Saint Maria. Romanians organize wedding in the autumn, after the picking up of the crop and wine's effervescence. At the wedding, the adorned pine tree symbolizes the bridegroom's bravery and the apple is the symbol of the unmarried girl.

The wedding is announced at the bride's gate by a messenger and represents a splendid allegory of the scenario of the family's foundation. People say that a young emperor goes hunting with his army and after a hard search he discovers the venison's trace. This is a deer whom the emperor and the army are following until they get to the bride's house.

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