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German Wedding Traditions

German Wedding Traditions are true reflection of their customs that have inherited from centuries. The German Wedding Traditions are so popular among people of different counters that many people come to Germany to get married. Germans value their native rituals. There are many Germans living abroad who wish to marry in accordance with their customs and traditions.
German Wedding Traditions are of diversified types. Generally the wedding traditions in Germany vary from one region to the other. May is the favorite month of marriage in German. There are many people, especially the younger generations who prefer a fusion of both the traditional and the contemporary customs.
Generally the father of the bride has to bear all the expenses of the wedding. It is an old custom that are still practiced in many families. But today in many families the cost is shared by both the families. During the engagement both the bride and the groom wear ring on the left hand. But after the wedding the ring is worn of the right hand. The rings are made of gold and has no diamonds studded on it.
The bride should not wear the wedding dress before the wedding day. It is inauspicious to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. The bride generally wears white. Often the bride can wears a flowery headband. The groom wears a black suit. The smoking jacket can also be a better alternative. After all the preparations are done the bride and the groom proceeds towards the church.
But before the church -wedding, the bride and groom go to the Registry Office to get married. A witness for the bride and also for the groom generally accompanies them. After all the legal proceedings is completed the bride and the groom enters the church. Sometimes the bride carries salt and bread while the groom carries grain. Salt symbolizes good harvests and grain wealth. Generally before the wedding all the possessions of the bride are transferred to the groom’s home
After the wedding the first dance is performed by the newly wed. It is known as waltz. After that bride dances with the father of the groom while the groom dances with the mother of the bride.

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