martedì 9 giugno 2009

Bridal bouquet

The bouquet is according to tradition, the last tribute of the bridegroom to the bride and terminating the cycle of engagement. The custom has it that her husband will do deliver the morning at home of the bride although in reality it is the bride to choose as must harmonize with her dress. In some countries even the mother-in-law to give. At the end of the reception will be launched at random from all unmarried girls who manage to marry should be grabbed by the year.

The custom of the bride decorate with flowers is very old and comes from the Arab world. Here the woman who had to marry was decorated, the day of the wedding, with flowers of orange, white and delicate, a symbol of fertility. The custom started as hope for the bride to have numerous offspring.

As for the various forms of bridal bouquet, much will depend on the physical and dall'abito the ceremony. There are some basic rules that you should follow.
A bridal bouquet round and compact, composed of small flowers, and it mainly to a short and informal dress. This type of wedding bouquet is the one that best fits all the stature and female figures. A bridal bouquet open and voluminous is the ideal model for a dress that does not exceed the ankle and requires a bride lean and high enough, since this type of accessory should be given some 'below the level of life.

The bridal bouquet called "cascade", with flower cluster, is reserved for a dress with train. A bridal bouquet of this kind draws attention to the bottom, creating a slimming effect. E 'and then indicated to a raagzza high and robust. Not recommended instead to a woman of small stature because, though voluminous, it might even obscure some details of her dress.
The bridal bouquet beam, made up by long-stemmed flowers, is indicated for the suit. A bridal bouquet of this type should be supported to the arm and led with ease by a slender girl possibly still have security in the poise and elegance.
As for the meaning of flowers, white tulips symbolize the declaration of his love for the bride and the azaleas are sincerely promise that the bridegroom and the bride requires that in return, the peach blossoms speak of eternal love, the rose is a symbol of sweetness and joy, and jasmine are the hope of future prosperity in life, the orange blossom is the hope of fertility.
The bridal bouquet must be chosen with great care and attention being that refines and perfects the final effect of organic. It 'the same florist in charge of various decorations at home and in Church to prepare in harmony with the whole ceremony.
Why is truly a perfect addition, the bridal bouquet must have the precise characteristics: it must be able to last all day without wilt; should not dirty / stain the dress of the bride; should be manageable and not too heavy, must have one handle well oriented in order to hold in your hand comfortably.
The bride who also intends to further customize your bouquet, you can request a embellished with decorations like beads of wire, colored ribbons and other things that richiamino the details of her dress. However take into account the possible variation in price.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, will be well agree with the florist some points, such as the use of very fresh flowers that endure more and processing of each individual flower stems with support tubes of water that ensures freshness.
The bride, you are done, then decide what to do bouquet. You can choose the classic "launch" to single women and / or girlfriends at the banquet, or dry them for another beautiful memory of the day.

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