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Weddings in Croatia

The central figure in Croatian wedding culture is the bride, and weddings include many ancient traditions. The most common of these is the use of rosemary, which symbolizes welcome to your guests. Sprigs of rosemary tied with ribbon will be pinned onto their left hand side, in place of the corsage which is common in the west.
Your wedding reception is the chance to really celebrate, with Croatian schnapps traditionally offered to your guests as they arrive. A very popular custom is the "dance with the bride" - the maid of honor will hold a basket, and men will put money into it. They then have the right to dance with the bride - and the more money they give, the longer they can dance. In years gone by, this was a prestigious way of signifying one's wealth and importance.
Croatia is a charming country which attracts increasing numbers of visitors every year, drawn by its mild climate and great beaches. The most picturesque coastal town is the fishing port of Rovinj, which has an archipelago of 13 tranquil islands. If you appreciate stunning views and delicious seafood, this is the place to stay.
The capital of the country is Zagreb. Much of the medieval city remains here, and there is also a neo-gothic cathedral. Croatia is home to some of Europe's finest Roman ruins, the most impressive of which are in Split where you will find the huge Diocletian Palace.
Dubrovnik is completely encircled by intact city walls, which were built between the 13th and 16th centuries. Some say they are the finest in the world, and the views are superb. The old town, Stari Grad, has also recently been restored.
Croatia is a wonderful place to get married, a historic country which contains many hidden delights.

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