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The wedding and marriage in the popular tradition

Marriage in the Abruzzo
In the culture of our region marriage, which was a ritual with important consequences in society, was presented with a rich variety of incidents, which began from the choice of partners in accordance with rules and customary rules which are difficult regardless, continued with the formal request made by the parents of the bridegroom consuoceri future, with the engagement, during which the boyfriend brought serenade the morning or the future bride, and the transport of dowry in the house of the bridegroom, who lived with active participation of women especially near the bride; The wedding ceremony with the coronation with the garland of flowers and the ritual of the cover, the posting of the bride moving from the house father, the contrast in which the payment was symbolic of the bride, the blessing of the bride with bread and an overnight stay at the marital home stating the final transition to the status of married.
Even today many married couples asking to cheer the banquet with sound, music, rites and tradition of poetry ... and so many couples who celebrate the anniversary .......
The schedule adjusted Traditional Marriage suggested here is very general but credited. We hope that the spouses of Abruzzo is scordino of orpelli of marriages by soap (very far from the sense of etiquette) and remember the beautiful weddings, full of meaning, their ancestors.

1-Singing departure (the procession of the bridegroom with the complicity of relatives of the bride brings the serenade). In reality this is not a serenade as we want but a consolatory or instructive provided by the local bride about to leave the family home and face an unknown family ...
.. eeee cows fija my cows cuntént caaa Lloc them truve n'ata buna Agenda and cows fija off my nu put C. you impire the use of them paise ....
2-compliment of the bridegroom in the afternoon are offered strictly mostaccioli and liquors combined red and yellow, white mint with confetti (for the etiquette of this stage it in detail later but it is nice). Singing the mother of the bride. The bridegroom gives a flower brooch or a bouquet of silver to the bride. "We offer this pledge of flower in my love". The mother-in-law gives the palm with silver or presentation.
The 3-bolt (wedding procession: The father with the bride, the groom with the mother-in-law, then all the others)
4-Blessing of the spouses with bread, rite of the mantle, unveiling and crowning of the bride. Trallallero. Ring (around the country in the parade with traditional drums), contrast with the blue ribbon, payment of tolls and saltarello sung.
The 5-Sciarra (rain of confetti, flowers and mites, is the presence of children who collect them) on the way back before entering for lunch you can also make the outbreaks (crackers). Gifts to spouses.
7-The penessella and verses of praise, declamation under bride, Brindisi sung
8-Zinna blanket and ties of love.
After 9-dinner dance (quadrille, and songs saltarello apotropaici

Important is the table! the menu suggest that basis but if you want you can do much better:
1. 2 as a wine montepulciano and a slight sweet and frizzantino for the ladies,
2. meats, cheeses and stress (eg chillies round tuna),
3. coratella ovo and cheese, vegetables,
4. broth with real pasta with parsley,
5. herbs and boiled,
6. òrapi and ricotta ravioli (spinach would be wild)
7. Pallottino guitar with the castrato
8. lamb with baked potatoes,
9. polpettone (roll) stuffed, cooked vegetables
10. pizza doce
11. confetti (the confetti leghorn passes helped by the bride groom a spoon)
12. cigarettes and cigars (even for married ladies and navigate), and bitter coffee

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