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The Confetti

Traditionally, in ancient valuables were packed in bags of tulle, lace today, for the day of marriage must be strictly white and always in odd number usually five, to represent the quality of life that must not fail in life of the spouses:

- Health
- Fertility
- Long life
- Happiness
- Wealth

Tradition requires that the married couple laps between tables after cutting the cake. The bridegroom stand a silver tray with confetti, the bride will serve guests with a silver spoon also always in odd number.
The pill is typically formed by an inner core, the soul, consisting of a whole almonds, shelled and pelata, covered by layers of overlapping sugar for subsequent dampening. The pill keeps the form of seed almond, strongly flattened.

The outer surface is smooth, white porcelain reflections. The size and weight of the sweet vary according to size of the almond used. The soul of the sweet can be provided by other ingredients (hazelnut, cinnamon, chocolate, candied different, pistachio, dried fruit) coated with layers of sugar and or chocolate. Shape and size of the sweet in this case will vary depending on the soul. To get the zuccheratura use of these machines Bassin, they are hot preferably copper or steel in continuous rotation, where they are processed almonds with sugar.

The first use of confetti in celebration of births and marriages, date back to 447 BC at the rich Roman family of Fabi.
From 1500 onwards the confetti became the ideal conclusion of every great lunch for their prestige and high cost. Knowledge of that product contributed the great names of literature both ancient and contemporary, among the many examples Leopardi, Carducci, Verga and Pascoli.
Much is still alive the custom of throwing rice and silver confettini by the guests, the spouses at the end of the ceremony when leaving the church.

Tradition has it that the color is white confetti. But no one forbids you to choose the color according all'abito of the bride, approach to ecru or pastel shades.

During the ceremony, tradition has it that the bride invited to distribute confetti with a silver spoon.
The bridegroom will follow and will help in bringing a confetti a bowl, also silver. The number of confetti, as well as those contained in bomboniere and those distributed by the husband is always odd. The number, according to popular belief, is a bad omen for the spouses to remain without children.

Precious bags packed in a time of tulle and lace today should be included, along with the card with the name of spouses. You can pack into confetti to obtain a small flower.

Today you can also opt for confetti "signed" or plaited with colored engraving of the name of spouses. There is a wide choice about the quality of confetti, especially those with almond. While in the confetti of good quality chocolate is only essential that there is a good chocolate inside and an outer coating of sugar with little starch, for the almond confetti is not so simple.

It 'important to the quality of sugar that should not have the taste of starch, but is determining the type of almond used: First, its provenance (the Sicilian are the most valuable), then we must make sure it is whole and pelata, finally A pill is better where there is little sugar and almond pretty big.

In evaluating the quality and thus the price of the almond confetti must always bear in mind that the price is determined by processing and almonds but not by the sugar, which is virtually irrelevant

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