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Music by marriage

An element not to overlook the music is never in marriage. There is nothing better than music to create a magical atmosphere during a solemn moment like that of the wedding.
Its origins go back in time. It is said that Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria of England, was the first to introduce the wedding march on the occasion of his marriage to William of Prussia in 1858.
The music that is surrounding the ceremony, first of all, must adapt to its spouses who want to create. But we must also think about the kind of more spiritual aspect that music from marriage can have. On that day so important, the music marriage becomes a message of love and intense key to the whole ceremony.
In selecting music from marriage, spouses can turn to, in advance, with the specialized agencies and their local musicians. To avoid the possibility of recruiting friends or organists amateur singers and sbaraglio.
Among the most popular, the violin, cello, harp and the timeless body.
Articulated or not, the music must provide at least one song to be performed while the bride and another piece, preferably more touching, to be reserved for the exchange of rings: two moments, usually lived in the most absolute and embarrassing silence. What not to do absolutely is to distribute a program of music of marriage to those present. We are facing a sacred celebration and not a concert.

Wagner, Schubert, Vivaldi, Handel and Bach are some of the classical authors that married couples usually choose. Their songs emphasize the most touching moments of the ceremony. The etiquette, however, recommend some songs "standard" to include music from their marriage. The Wedding March by Richard Wagner accompanies the entrance of the bride to church, the wedding march instead of Felix Mendelssohn, announces the release of the spouses at the church. Finally, the Ave Maria di SHUBERT should be reserved for the moment, ceased the function of religion, spouses and witnesses are called to sign the documents to formalize, even for civilians, has union in marriage.

Once the sacred ceremony, you move to the place chosen for the reception. The wedding music will accompany us too long this second part of the day. Should be chosen with great care.
Upon receipt can be somewhat 'formal and less rigid about music from marriage, but still and always attentive to taste. Many local restaurants, now aware of the importance of music by marriage, are predisposed to this type of entertainment venues and facilities for amplification. It 'important to take into account the time when the music goes. At the banquet table and the advice is to choose a soft music, a little intrusive background that allows guests to converse with each other without having to raise the voice too. In mid-lunch / dinner, or when guests begin to leave between scope and the other is good to revive the environment by choosing a wedding music more lively. The repertoire should still look quite large to satisfy the variety of tastes of guests.

A fine meal is allowed to involve the various guests in a celebration dance. At the start then, but only if considered appropriate and really for fun these, a Latin American dance, waltz, polka. The whole direct maybe a dj expert. The important thing, whatever the choices, is that the repertoire of music from marriage is of good quality. The watchwords in this case the 'fun but with elegance. "

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