domenica 6 dicembre 2009

martedì 30 giugno 2009


  1. The religious wedding has the same legal power as the civil one. So the couple doesn't have to go for a civil wedding befor the religious one.
  2. A man or woman can have three religious weddings.
  3. The wedding ceremony can take place during the Holy Service. Although most of the couples prefer it in the afternoons (especially weekends).
  4. You can not have a wedding ceremony in a monastery. Only in the parish church.
  5. Each couple must have a best man and a lady of honor (koumparos and koumera).
  6. The bride wears a white dress as a sign of virginity.
  7. During the ceremony, after the conation part, the couple following the priest is making three rounds around the table were the crowns were. It represents the aggelic dance in heaven. The tradition says that the angels are taking part in the ceremony and they are happy at that time.